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The sweet mist and cold air hit me as I wandered through a forest one night. Suddenly I stumbled over a wizard that had fallen and become trapped amidst shrubberies. When I freed the cotton topped scoundrel he presented me with a cursed quest. I must offer these pins for sale, to the purest of women and men or dark forces will escape from the underworld and envelope our world with insatiable parasites.

Limited to 100. Each pin is numbered and the first few come with a nice vinyl "Love Feels Best" sticker of the wizard's choice.

My elfs like to personalize blank hats, backpacks, and virtually all kinds of clothing with our magical reminders.

Pin is 2 inches high and 1 inch wide. (About double the size of most pins.)
Has two posts with two rubber backings.
They are also numbered 1-100

If required, shipping costs may be adjusted but you will be contacted and able to opt out.